Maggie P., Fort Mill

I will be forever indebted to Dr. Noah Zacharko. Dr. Z has an extraordinary understanding of the musculo-skeletal system of the human body and how our own particular issues are created when something is either, malformed (deformed), injured or simply wears out. Our bodies are extremely complex so there is not a "one size fits all" approach to physical therapy. Dr. Zacharko is very thorough in his physical assessment and is sincerely honest with his patients whether he can help them or not. He will give you 110% if he believes he can!  Noah takes the time to educate you on his treatment approach using state of the art visual guides to help you "see" your condition and understand the treatment modality he chooses to alleviate your issues. Moreover, in our fast paced life-styles, there are very few quick fixes to muscle, joint & bone related pain but Noah takes the time to explain his treatment techniques & strategies so that you, the patient, can actively make lifestyle changes & have an active role in your care. It may be as simple as exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home, but without the knowledge & your complete compliance, no one will be able to FIX YOU.  

Before I met Dr. Z, I was simply existing in a tortured body. I loved sports and participated in an adult fitness program throughout high school, college and well into my 50's. I don't recall when the degenerative process began but I tried as many doctors, therapists, medical practitioners, spine clinics, chiropractors, personal trainers, pain management offices as I have muscles & bones in my constantly aching body. I even tried psychological counseling as I thought the pain was driving me to the brink of insanity. 

Dr. Zacharko "Got It"---He discovered & understood the basis for my aches & pains. He understood that I did not want to live a life of counting on medications to get me by. He understood my desire to return to not only my activities of daily living but to restore my body to it's potential. Noah is highly qualified, trained in every aspect of his profession and is without a doubt the most compassionate health care provider I have encountered. (I, too have been in health care for over 40 years). Face it, when you hurt, you need help...not in 3 weeks or 3 months, but NOW!  Noah schedules his time accordingly so that you can establish the groundwork and time it will take to heal you. This is not a "minute-clinic"...As you heal, he will continue to adapt his plan to your specific needs. Dr. Z motivates & supports his patients. He strives to ensure success at any level and with any age. For any of you desiring to restore or build a healthy pain-free body or preserve an agile, structurally sound system, I highly recommend Osteopractic Physical Therapy, Dr. Noah Zacharko.  

Thank you, Dr. Z. I am no longer painfully enslaved by my physical roadblocks! You have helped me reclaim my life while providing low-cost yet highly effective results. I count you among my greatest blessings of the year, or should I say my life, because now I have it back! 

Kristin L., Fort Mill

After approximately six weeks of pain in my elbow, I had it checked by a bone and joint specialist and was diagnosed with tendonitis; commonly, tennis elbow.  I was prescribed a topical analgesic cream and a pressure brace.  Five weeks later, the pain was worse.  I was unable to fully extend my left arm without intense pain in my elbow and forearm.  Carrying a bag, opening a door, turning the shower knob, stirring a pot – everything hurt.  My strength was severely compromised in my left arm and I was unable to hold anything at all of significant weight.

After eleven weeks of increasing pain and loss of use, I went back to the bone and joint doctor to inquire about steroid injections to relieve the pain.  But first I was prescribed a different and apparently better pressure brace, along with a six-week session of physical therapy (at an unnamed clinic), which included ice/heat application; massage; stretching; exercises and ultrasound.  After three visits, relief was slightly noticeable but very slow coming.  Six weeks of PT turned into eight, three times a week.  When that turned into ten weeks, I had had enough and began looking for an alternative.  That’s when I saw Dr. Zacharko.  He explained to me that my condition was not uncommon but that the treatment he recommended was not well known…yet!  He discussed Trigger-point Dry Needling with me and after I consented, began treating me.  Finally, after almost five months of pain and the inconvenience of having the use of only one arm for all intents and purposes, I had near instant relief!  The needle therapy itself was not pleasant – I can’t lie.  The needles are inserted directly into the affected muscle or tissue, which responds pretty significantly in the beginning.  There are spasms and twitches and pain radiation during the needling process that are not comfortable.  There is soreness and achiness for a few hours after the needling.  But the relief from that and from the original pain is noticeable within ten to twelve hours.   I was anxious to get to my next appointment for more work and relief.

After the first week of dry needling therapy, my treatment needs dropped from three times to twice a week.  As it turns out, Dr. Z is an expert in dry needling and specializes in treating patients with this technique.  Each visit brought me increased pain relief and tissue healing from the originally diagnosed condition, which turned out not to be mere tendonitis, but a form of myopathy.  Dr. Zacharko had already done a full evaluation and taken a thorough history and was able to relate my symptoms to my history of cervical (neck) problems.  As my elbow symptoms improved, the necessity for needling therapy in my elbow and attached muscles/tendons decreased, Dr. Z began to needle affected muscles up my arm toward my neck that were also part of the underlying problem. 

My range of motion in my whole arm and even my neck was increased almost immediately.  It positively affected the way I slept, the way I drove, the way I moved in general and everything I did.  Today, after only six or seven needling sessions, I am thrilled to say that I am pain free!  I don’t know that I ever want to stop exploring the benefits of this therapy.

At 41 years of age, my body is not what it used to be.  My muscles and tissues are less elastic, my joints are less lubricated, and my bones are less dense.  I am now a firm believer in Dr. Zacharko and the skills he has especially the dry needling technique for muscular therapy and pain/tension relief.  Even once my elbow was no longer problematic, we were able to work out issues in my neck and shoulders that I have been living with for six years or more.

Kudos to Dr. Z and his ability to practice the technique with such amazing results.  Thank you!!

Gina M., Rock Hill

My pain specialist recently recommended that I try dry needling for my chronic low back pain.  When I began the search for a physical therapist in my area certified in dry needling I found that very few are available.  I was very fortunate to begin therapy with Dr. Noah Zacharko.  I have experienced a totally different kind of physical therapy than what I have had in the past.  After several months of dry needling, I have been encouraged by the improvement I feel in my overall level of pain.  

Having been diagnosed with lumbar dystonia and failed back surgery syndrome, and, suffering chronic low back pain since a Bak fusion in 2000, I have had many opportunities to be treated by a physical therapist.  With little knowledge of the types of training and certification available to physical therapists, I usually chose a therapist completely at random unless my physician referred one.  Unfortunately, even then, the requested therapist only performed an evaluation and then referred me to another therapist in the clinic for treatment.  Most of the time my treatment consisted of 20 to 30 minutes on the treadmill and the balance of the session was devoted to exercising with a minimum amount of supervision and very little one on one contact. The exercises were hard to remember and would have often taken over an hour each day to perform. 

I feel like the knowledge that Dr. Zacharko has about chronic pain and its effect on the patient, has enabled him to treat me in an entirely different way than I have experienced before.  The one on one session of an hour or more is unlike any physical therapy session I have had previously. The exercises I have learned are simple to do and are not time consuming. I am able to feel a benefit from exercising and am encouraged to do so. 

It is obvious to me that Dr. Zacharko has the ability to perform a very unique and beneficial type of physical therapy.  He is also a very empathetic and caring person who truly cares about my pain and my overall quality of life.

Cyndi V., Rock Hill

I am extremely happy with the results of my treatment and with Dr. Zacharko overall. He is excellent in his care, is knowledgeable and explained all aspects of my treatment when ever I had questions and elaborated so that I could fully understand what he was doing and why. I would not hesitate to call on his services again and I will recommend him to anyone in need of his expertise.